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The Parent Test

What is the Parent Test?

The Parent Test is our way of ensuring everything we sell is as we promise, genuinely useful.

Here's how it works:

  • Every product we consider selling spends a month with a parent and their little one before it hits the store.
  • We ask parents to report back to us with their first impression of the product, how the first use of the it went and their overall verdict after one month’s use.
  • We ask that feedback is genuine; we are not seeking praise, rather a real parent's opinion.
  • If the product doesn’t hit the spot, we don’t sell it. Its that simple.
  • If it does, we'll publish the product and the Parent Test alongside it.
One of our little testers trying out products

Can I test stuff?

We're always looking for more parent testers, but right now we're only able to recruit testers from the UK. We hope to extend parent testing to more families throughout the world soon.