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Open Play.

Rainbow Triclimb Wibli

Triclimb Wibli Rainbow

Natural Triclimb Wibli

Triclimb Wibli Natural


Help develop toddler's imaginations with open ended toys. From balance boards to toys that can be used as whatever they like, this is creative play at its best.

Multi Grapat 12 Mates

Grapat 12 Mates Multi

Multi Grapat 12 Bowls

Grapat 12 Bowls Multi

Multi Grapat Insects

Grapat Insects Multi

Multi Grapat Brots

Grapat Brots Multi


Our open ended baby & toddler toys are battery free & powered by imaginations. Use them as bath toys, outdoor toys or as indoor games. There’s endless possibilities.

Multi Grapat 18 Coins

Grapat 18 Coins Multi

Summerville Lubulona Lubu Town Mini

Lubulona Lubu Town Mini Summerville

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