Whoop! Easter’s nearly here and we can’t wait to have some down time with the kids. But, let’s keep it real. If the weather’s doing its normal British thing, then there may be some rainy days in. And that means you may have to think up some creative alternatives to those outdoor Easter Egg hunts and activities. Fear not, we’ve been having a natter in the office and come up with some Easter crafting ideas for kids to do at home. Eggsellent 🙊.

1. Dying Eggs

This is probably the most fun that you can have with an egg - well when you’re a kid anyway. And if you can’t dye eggs at Easter, well, when can you? We love this quick and easy way to dye eggs ready for decoration, by Genius Kitchen, which will get them crafting. When they’ve dried, grab those sticky googly eyes, felt and pipe cleaners and make them into bunnies. Awesome.

2. Make some plant people

It’s spring! So introduce them to gardening in a cool way by making some plant people. These are made from a pair of old tights, a little bit of soil, and some grass seed. Simple to make, your kid will love watching these face shaped creations grow a little bit more hair (the grass) each day. Just follow these simple steps on how to make plant people on Kids’ Gardening. We love how this is something you can do in the garden, or in the house (just make sure you line the table with bin bags).

3. Make jelly bunnies

Easter. It’s the time that there’s chocolate everywhere. So, an alternative sweet treat may just be what you need. Get them busy in the kitchen and make jelly bunnies. Yep. Really. We love this jelly sweets video recipe by Stacey Dees, which is super simple to do and fun for them. Just grab the bunny moulds

4. Use up all the chocolate…

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere! We got so much last Easter, it’s still lingering in the cupboard (we wonder if it’s still ok to eat? 🤔). Make the most of this year’s chocolate explosion and use it up by getting them baking. Whether it’s simple rice Krispie cakes or a full on chocolate cake, they’ll have hours of fun Easter baking. And yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to lick the bowl afterwards. Ahem.

5. Go on an alternative Easter egg hunt

Not into chocolate? Or looking for a way to keep them busy before the big event? Get them to write down a list of treats or rewards they’d like, for example, stay up for an extra 15 minutes, have a day out with mum. Then you can hide these around the house. The more they find, the more rewards they get. That’ll keep them busy for a good few hours.

6. Get arty

A great way to keep them occupied and help them understand different seasons is to get them painting bright Easter pics. Use these to replace the winter snow ones and pop them in a frame. It’s a quick and easy way to update your decor for warmer weather too.

7. Make pom-pom bunnies and chicks

Jump on the pom-pom trend bandwagon and create an Easter memory by making these cool little crafts. Simple and easy to do, just follow how to make them with this video by Red Tart Art. When they’re done, let them pretend play farms. Double duty!

So there it is Easter bunnies. A few, cool tips to get kids Easter crafting at home. Er, hop to it?