Ahh the ride-on. They're a must have for their development, but a minefield for parents, given that there's so many to choose from. Especially when it comes to choosing one that will help them at the stage their at. So, once again, we've put together a lil' guide of what each one does for each stage in their lives. Ride to it...

Tiny riders - 6 months to 1 year

So, they won't be grasping walking or cruising until they reach around 9 months (embrace this stage, trust us), but that doesn't mean you can't get prepped. Invest in a toy that's full of activities to stimulate their minds and doubles up as a walking aid. This Tidlo Activity Walker features a range of activities that help their sensory development and doubles up as a walking aid for when they're ready to cruise. 😱. Once they've got to grips, get going on their ride-on journey with a piece of kit that's stable and easy to steer. My 16 month old - that's her in the pic - loves her Didicar Walk n Ride, which has 360 degree wheels that mean she can ride around on it freely. She won't put it down.

Evie-Grace playing with a Didicar Walk n Ride

Didicar Walk n Ride

Gradual riders 1 - 2 years

Once they've mastered the art of walking, standing and riding, then it's time to introduce them to their very own 'first bike'. Exciting times! Stop them feeling overwhelmed by choosing something that will grow with them as they develop their riding skills.This Trybike Steel 2-1 Trike is a great option. It starts off as a trike, meaning they'll have lots of support to get them riding confidently. Then, when they're ready, switch it to two wheels to create a balance bike. And, you can turn it back into a trike if they get a bit freaked out. Alternatively, teach them all about pedals, while keeping them stable on the 3 wheeled route with this cool Foxrider Tricycle. We love that it looks super retro, while teaching them how to ride... adult size please!

Seren peddling a yellow Foxrider Tricycle

Foxrider Tricycle

Raring to go riders 2-3 years

So, they've conquered the art of riding and steering and are raring to join in with the 'big kids'. Now it's time to bring out the balance bike. These feature handlebars, a seat, but no pedals or chains. Designed to help little riders use their feet to propel themselves forwards and sideways while still on a saddle, they build steering skills and body balance. This Banwood First Go Balance Bike is a great start to their balance bike journey. Lightweight and easy to use, they'll be going from tarmac to track in no time.

The Banwood First Go Balance Bike is a great way to get kids bike riding

Banwood First Go Balance Bike

Full on riders 3+ plus

Now you have a fully fledged biker on your hands, it's time to introduce them to another way to ride on into the sunset (ahem). A scooter is a great way to continue their balance development, teaching them all about bodyweight positioning and spacial awareness. The Globber Evo 4-in-1 Plus Scooter is a great pick. Suitable for 1 year plus it converts from a ride on, to balance bike and then to a beginners scooter. There's also assisted steering, just in case you need to give them a helping hand...

Buy the Globber Evo 4-in-1 Plus Scooter at KIDLY

Globber Evo 4-in-1 Plus Scooter

Don't forget...

Whether it's a trike or scooter, if your little dare devil is out and about, don't forget to keep them covered. Invest in a bike safety accessories such as a helmet and knee and elbow pads... just in case.

Happy riding!