The baby pod. A relatively new piece of kit to the market and one that many parents swear by. Not heard of them?

Essentially, they’re a multifunctional product that’s great for napping, lounging, playing, chilling, changing & travel, and they also look great too. Want to know more? You’ve come to the right place.


It’s a huge world for lil’ newborns who have been kept safe in the womb for 9 months, so it’s totally understandable that they may feel slightly out of sorts when they land in the big wide world. These pods are designed to hold little ones close and help them chillout.

Sleepyhead pods are also being used by the Whittington Hospital in London, to help comfort tiny, poorly babies because they recreate the feeling of being in the womb. ‘When the Sleepyhead pod is sitting in our rather large uncomforting hospital cot the baby is cosy and supported,’ said Majella Travers, Matron - Paediatric Ward The Whittington Hospital London. ‘The babies simply love them!’

Perfecting play & tummy time

Babies start playing pretty much from the word go, and as they get older, begin to roll around on any playmat you put them on. Pods, with their structured sides, can give you extra peace of mind while they play. The sides stop them rolling around and off of things, but are also great for getting them used to being on their tummy without needing a tummy time roller. From around 3 months, lie them flat on the pod with their chest and armpits leaning over the front side so their arms are resting out in front, they’ll be lifting themselves up in no time. Then when they’re done, roll them back onto their backs and let them play again. Sleepyhead pods can be fitted with toy bars too, so your babe can play & you don’t have to double up on a separate play arch and mat.

Changing time

Some babies love being changed, some hate it, but they’ll probably protest a bit less if they’re comfy while that bottom’s being cleaned. These pods can be placed on a changing table at home to double up as a mat - just stick a plastic bag underneath lil’ bottoms, in case of little leaks. Or, as a great portable changer if you’re travelling on a plane, train, in the car... you get the jist.

Travel mates

Pods are a great piece of kit for when you travel with a little one in tow - Sleepyhead even have a handy travel cover you can use to make sure it stays clean en-route.

Place the pod in the travel cot to give extra comfort and make them feel at home - we all know that babies sleep better when they are in familiar surroundings so recreating their regular setup could help. It also means that you don’t have to worry about grubby hotel sheets. They are also brilliant when you’re out & just need babe to have a snooze safely. Simply take them with you to the restaurant, by the pool on holiday, garden naps... You get the idea.

Go handsfree

We know how it is, sometimes you need those few minutes to just do your thing without having a baby in your arms. These pods are a great way to keep baby safe while you do just that. Place the pod in a safe place, pop them in and do your thing. Just make sure they’re always in eye sight and never, ever put them high up - especially when they’re mastering the art of rolling.

Hey good lookin’

One of the things that we love about these pods is how stylish they look - yes we’ve been having a little stalk over on Instagram. Sleepyhead has a range of cool covers that can be changed to suit any nursery or home theme - we guarantee you’ll be hooked on these patterns.

Napping, Sleeping and Co-Sleeping

If you have a lil’ one that will only nap during the day with you around, then these pods may be your miracle piece of kit. Because they’re portable, just put them in a safe place in the room you choose to be in and hopefully, they’ll drift off. It means you can get stuff done, while babes has you close.

If you choose to let your little one sleep in one of these overnight, then it’s always best to make sure they comply with the British standard on air-permeability (that’s BS4578, to get technical). The test has been designed to replicate a baby placing its mouth on an item and breathing through it, ensuring that your piece of kit is breathable.

Co-sleeper? Sleepyhead says that its raised sides help ‘prevent the parents from rolling on top of the baby’ and can also help bubs from wriggling under the sheets.

As always, the choice lies ultimately with you as a parent and what’s right for your baby. If you’re planning on using these pods for overnight sleeping or co-sleeping then check out our article on safer sleep or, head over to the Lullaby Trust for more information.

And there you have it, a quick guide to pods. As always, how you use these lie with you. As they say, mum (and dad- we don’t discriminate here) knows best...