In the market for a big gift for a baby or older kid? We know getting a showstopper present just right can be a bit of a head spinner, so we’ve done the hard work for you 😉. Here’s our pick of some of the best gifts for those special occasions. All you need to do is provide the wrapping paper and bow.

BIG GIFTS FOR BABIES (0-12 months)

Babies don’t tell you what they want when it comes to shopping for a gift, so it’s down to you to make the big decisions...eeek. However, if you focus on a few key areas, nailing that big gift is pretty simple.

A Play Gym

Play gyms are a great gift idea for babies as they can be used from day one, right through to when they are on the move. We love this contemporary, wooden design by Sebra, which will blend into any modern home - no garish colours here. Another favourite is the portable play arch by Done by Deer. It’s perfect for moving babies playtime around the house, or taking it with you on the road for trips away. The high contrast characters are great for encouraging new babies to focus before they are able to start grabbing.

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Done By Deer, Activity Gym.

A Walker

Babies are only babies for such a short time and will soon be eager to take to their feet, so walkers are practical big baby gifts. We really rate Plan Toys who design this fun looking Roll And Walk. It provides stability for babies working out how to balance, but then converts in to a fun roller once they’ve mastered supported steps. Not quite right? This Learning Walker by Classic World has a range of fun activities on the front for extra entertainment once little feet get tired. It’s a big toy that growing babies will keep coming back to.

A Decorative Item

Other ideas for those special first Christmases and birthdays are stylish, non-essentials, which you doesn’t necessarily need, but you need; know what we mean?! Babies should, in theory, spend a lot of their time sleeping; so decorative nursery accessories are a great purchase. A beautiful light would be a stand-out item in a baby’s room and it’s bound to get some love as those babies become toddlers. Or what about a wall hanging? We absolutely adore this one by Wee Gallery. It’s the kind of thing that can still be a feature of the room as it changes from a nursery, to a toddlers room and then a space for a schoolie.


We’re sure you're already aware but toddlers are busy bodies, with enviable energy and inquisitive personalities. They have the hang of playing down to a T and enjoy role playing by this stage too. Although they'll still find enjoyment from a cardboard box and dry pasta in a bottle, there are presents aplenty to nurture their growing minds. Here’s our big gift favourites…

An Activity Cube

By this age, toddlers will have the knack of whole motor skills and are always eager to explore different cause-and-effect activities. For a gift that is playful but encourages learning too, we love the busy board that you can configure yourself by MURO. It's perfect in the playroom or fixed on the wall in a kiddies nook. On a similar theme, the B.Toys Underwater Cube is filled with endless activities for tots to get stuck into. In fact, there's so much to keep them occupied that parents may even get that cup of tea while it's still hot.

alt text

Muro, Board Massive Pack.

A Vehicle

Toddlers love vehicles and ‘vroom vroom’ seems to almost always feature as one of their first sounds. Plan Toys have released limited edition vehicles, which would be an amazing big gift idea for this age. Made from natural rubber wood, they are beautifully made but perfect for toddlers to get hands on with too. The Firetruck has chunky wheels and an extendable ladder, so smalls can get to work plotting an exciting rescue - all while perfecting that ‘nee nor’ sound too.

An Instrument

We love introducing toddlers to making music, and this cute Electronic Piano by Janod is a super gift. With easy to follow sheet music, it’s a toy that they will be able to enjoy for years to come - that initial thrashing of the keys may even start sounding pretty sweet in a few years time. If you are buying for someone else's toddler, you may want to get the go ahead from the parents first for this noisy prezzie… or you may not. 😂


With school on the horizon, pre-schoolers are proper little people now and will have mastered a whole range of essential life skills such as (maybe) getting dressed and feeding themselves. While they may seem like mini grown-ups, They’re still tiny in the grand scheme of things and they still adore nothing more than playing. Here’s a run down of the big gifts we reckon should be in your basket for them.

A Bike

Every pre-schooler needs their own ride, don’t you know?! So why not gift a bike or scooter that is sure to have the wow factor. This vintage style Banwood Balance Bike even come with an adorable wicker basket, perfect for storing soft toys or a bottle of water for those tiring trips to the park. Or what about this retro Foxrider trike that tots will love to peddle. Reckon this is the winning gift? Don't forget the kids' safety accessories as well.

alt text

Foxrider, Retro Tricycle.

A Construction Set

If it’s building your pre-schooler likes, we recommend Tegu as a great big present idea. These sustainably produced building blocks are made with magnets inside, making it easier to create large-scale structures or more complicated designs like vehicles and robots. It’s a toy that inspires creative play and will be enjoyed by pre-schoolers for years to come.

A Dolls House

Watch imaginations flourish with a dolls house, which offer endless open-ended play opportunities. We love the Le Toy Van Cherry Street Dolls House. Standing at just under a metre tall, the four storey townhouse is big enough for siblings to play together and it holds loads of dolls and furniture too. Not really your style? There’s also the plywood Funkis House by Ferm Living. It’s a modern, modular design which also doubles up nicely as a storage solution for peg dolls or wooden animals once play time is over.

Because we are kind, we've put together gift guides to help you nail that perfect present, whether that's something for a newborn in Hello Baby, A Big Gift for a special day, an earth-friendly Go Green item or a special goodie for a Mini Creative or Adventurer. Hope you enjoy 🎁