The school run can often be a race against the bell. Whether you drive, go by foot or take another form of transport, in our experience it’s often a challenge to get them over the finish line. By preschool age, it's likely that they are already pros at scooting and whizzing along on a balance bike, so why not utilise one to get them through the gates in plenty of time. From a lightweight 2-in-1 scooter to a retro-style balance bike, here’s our fave sets of wheels for preschoolers to get moving. We haven’t forgotten about those safety accessories too.

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The Highwaykick1 is a great, safe way to get kids riding to preschool. It easily switches between a balance bike to a beginners scooter, at just the right height for them to steer. If you drive to school, its easy-folding design means you can slip into the boot no problem and then take it out for that final stretch to class. We've got to mention the contemporary colours too, gorgeous right?


A balance bike that's been designed with preschoolers in mind, the compact Globber Go Bike has an adjustable t-bar and seat for all of that growing as well as awesome puncture-resistant wheels, to stand up to all of those trips to and from school. No bike shed at school to store it until home time? No problem. The clever folk at Globber have installed an anti-slip grip under the seat, so you can carry it home no problem.


Protective but stylish too, the Scoot & Ride helmet is packed full of safety-focused features, so while you can't keep them wrapped up in cotton wool, you can do the next best thing. It has a light on the back for increased visibility, great for those darker days, a comfy chin strap so they won't fuss its digging in and an innovative magnetic fastening, so they can get it on and off themselves. Now that's what we call a proper preschoolers helmet.


You can beat the morning rush with the Globber Primo Starlight Scooter. Just right for little movers, it has three wheels, perfect for preschoolers who are still getting to grips with their balance while on the move. A standout choice for the school run, the cool scooter has light up wheels, which not only look awesome, but provide visibility as well, perfect for when those shorter, darker days roll around.


If they’re riding a scooter or bike to pre-school they’re gonna need some head protection. And that’s where the CoConuts helmet comes into play. It features a dial-fit adjustment system for a comfy fit and an adjustable chin strap. There’s also front, top and back ventilation to stop little heads from sweating, meaning no hat hair when they get to their destination.


With no pedals, the balance bike by Banwood just requires some balancing skills and foot pushing to get them moving. This retro-looking design has a sweet basket on the front, so they can even carry their own lunchbox and bottle and a bell, so they can practice safe riding. It's the perfect first bike and just right for the school run too.

So there you go. A little insight on how to get them, and you, to preschool safely while still having fun. As always, here’s our picks… Ride to it.