Yep, you’re a mere three months away from their first birthday. Bet it feels like you blinked and they went from newborn to nearly toddler. As well as watching them continue to grow, you’re probably also planning for that special first birthday party…

Make a wish, we’ve got that covered as well as products to help them with their development at 9-12 months.

On the move

Your baby is probably on the move one way or the other, whether they’re crawling, bum shuffling, commando crawling or cruising. Exciting (and let’s be honest) tiring times! Keep them motivated and help develop their mobility skills with a traditional baby walker or go for an activity centre. Easy to push, these encourage them to get up on their feet as well as offering a range of pieces to help develop their sensory and tactile skills. Cool.

These shoes were made for walking

If they’ve already taken those first steps, then it’s time to think about that first pair of shoes. You’ll need a pair that supports this stage of their development as well as being comfortable. Bobux is a brand that creates footwear that enhances the natural development of baby and toddler feet and helps with walking. And they also do some cool styles for that first pair of kicks. Step to it guys!

Let’s make music

Wow, they’ve moved on from not being able to pick anything up. Now they’re grabbing everything, from your jewellery to the cats tail. Sigh. You’ll probably also find that they’re happily bashing away with their toys as well as their bowls and cups. Enhance their motor and musical skills at this point. Pick up a musical toy that makes cool noises when it’s bashed. It’ll also help them learn about cause and effect. Maybe just wait until you’ve had that morning coffee before handing one to them… You can find out more about musical toys for your baby’s stage with our musical play made easy article. It’ll be music to your er, eyes…

Food for thought

As their grasping techniques have developed, you’ll probably now find they’re able to hold their own spoons while they eat. Although they probably won’t be getting that food in their mouths all the time. At around the 11-12 month stage you can start thinking about introducing them to their first piece of baby cutlery. Picking an ergonomic fork and spoon will help them get used to this and develop their skills for the next stage in their eating development. However, with their new found techniques, you may find that picking up their plates and chucking them on the floor becomes your baby's fave game. Stop the frustrations, and the mess, by buying an all-in-one mat and bowl that suctions to their highchair, like these from EZPZ. Crafty.

Baby's first birthday

Yep, it’s going to be the party of all parties. Their first birthday celebrations. Whether you’re going to go all out or, just inviting a few friends and family over, you’re going to want to add a theme to their day. Think of the photos! Not a fan of the traditional superheros or princesses? Our party range has a selection of partywear that’s subtly themed. There's also party cups, plates, party bags and candles. You can find out to plan your baby’s first birthday too with our article.
Not sure what to buy them for their first birthday? Check out our article on perfect toys for a one year old. Yep, we told you we had it all covered.

And a last little note…

Article hit the spot? Good news. There’s more… We’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the best products for your 9-12 month old. You can find them by popping over to our Shop by Stage: 9-12 months collection.

And one more thing before you go… We know every baby develops at a different pace and we’ve got that covered. If they’re doing more, head over to our buying guide for 12-18 months, or see our buying guide for 6-9 months if you don't feel they have quite reached this stage. Happy reading guys.