Looking for a little something for someone special? We've hand-selected our favourite under £15 treats for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Not got a clue what should be in your tots stocking or stumped over what treat to get for a friend's kid? Our round up of the best mini treats will (hopefully) have you clicking 'Add To Basket.'


If you're buying for a newborn or baby, it can be tricky territory, knowing there’s probably piles of unused products stacked up in their nurseries already. Fear not, however, as we have scouted out some beautiful on-budget items that are sure to be loved and adored.

A Soft Toy

Soft toys are the ideal first gifts, as babies learn to grasp for the first time. Something like the fair-trade Pebble Octopus Crochet Rattle is soft and squishy, with tentacles that are a good size to grab or chew. Alternatively, pick up a cuddly dino for a new babe to become fond of. The Best Years Ltd. Diplodocus, made from organic cotton, is possibly the cutest dinosaur going and what’s more, the soothing rattle inside is great for keeping babies calm - roarsome.

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Best Years Ltd, Organic Cotton Diplodocus.

A Teething Accessory

Teething sucks, but it’s inevitable. Whether you are buying for your own babe or picking up a small present for another little bundle, a teether is a gift to be considered. We love that brands are designing teething toys which really appeal to babies while looking cool too. The Skip Hop Silver Linings rattle doubles up as a shaker as well as being able to provide some relief from teething. Likewise, the Janod teether has a fun wood and silicone design that is completely chewable. Packaged up in a little box, it’s a brilliant baby gift.

A Sensory Toy

Sensory play can be introduced at home from day dot and there are loads of affordable toys to help awaken babies senses, which happen to be great gift ideas as well. Crinkle paper has had an update in the form of high contrast crinkle toys by Wee Gallery. We love the different designs which include an adorable panda and an egg-cellent fried egg… sorry couldn’t resist. Perhaps you are a music lover looking to pass on that interest? This Calypso Band Set by Halilit is a real steal, with three brightly coloured and easy to hold instruments, that little ones will enjoy finding their rhythm with.


Toddlers accumulate a lot of stuff in their short lives. Have you ever seen a toddlers toy box?! 😲 So for any token gifts you do buy, you’ll want to make sure they aren’t going to end up unused and forgotten in the bottom of it.

A Little Vehicle

When it comes to little gifts, vehicles are a sure winner. My First Play Tape by Donkey is one of our all-time favourites, with a choice of vehicle and tape to create a track to vroom vroom on. Alternatively, the simple Kid O Go Cars are a fab first vehicle gift for younger toddlers as they get to grips playing with cars. The glow in the dark design is sure to get little ones excited and the large handle helps encourage those grasping skills.

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Donkey, My First Play Tape.

A Bath Toy

Next up, bath toys. Tots generally love the water so now’s an ideal time to encourage creative play, while getting them clean. Win, win! Our bestselling Boon Pipes Bath Toy makes an ideal gift for 12 months plus, with toddlers able to create their own water way. Alternatively the Cloud Bath Toy by A Little Lovely Company teaches little ones about cause and effect in the bath tub. Simply submerge and lift above the water to make it rain. Magic.

A Stacker or Puzzle

Toddlers may begin to enjoy completing puzzles for the first time, so small stackers and simple brain-teasers are a good little gift for this age. First up, wooden toy brand Grimm’s have a wobbly stacking tower that will provide just the right amount of challenge for toddlers, while looking super stylish on your toy shelf at the end of the day too. 😉 Want to buy something that could be a great toy for on the go? The Oombeecube by Fat Brain Toys and Classic World Magic Ball have no small parts, but are able to entertain toddlers for ages, while at the same tine encouraging concentration, fine motor skills and experimentation.


Preschoolers are pros at playing and will have developed an epic imagination by this stage too. So consider little gifts that will expand their skill set as they reach school age.

A Role Play Prop

Inquisitive little minds are getting to grips with role playing and we have some perfect small accessories to encourage this skill. For pre-schoolers who may enjoy spending hours behind their kitchens or market stalls, small items such as the Let Toy Van Ice Lollies or Egg Cup Set give them new props to pretend play with. Other ideas include the wooden Janod camera, which actually flashes when a pretend photo is captured. It’s a simple toy that’ll get lots of love.

alt text

Le Toy Van, Egg Cup Set.

A Non-Toy Gift

Looking for a gift that goes beyond toys? By now pre-schoolers are generally pros at feeding themselves, but they’re often still using the same cutlery they've used since weaning… oops. Why not treat them to their own grown-up cutlery - like this cool stacking set by Fred, or a trendy animal-inspired selection by Sunnylife. It’s amazing how some new tabletop products can really make time at the table more appealing. Alternatively, a sweet little nightlight makes a great token gift. We love this heart shaped nose little design by Noodoll. Packaged in a little box with a window to see the little bears face, it's a totally gift-ready small treat.

A Book

Books are an ideal gift idea for this age and can be enjoyed for years to come as reading and language skills further develop. We have a range of titles that are perfect for entertaining and engaging inquisitive preschoolers. A great series which make perfect gifts for this age are Little People Big Dreams by Bookspeed. Themed around some really aspirational characters including Amelia Earhart and Marie Curie, they are great for showing influential youngsters that ordinary people can do amazing things while inspiring them to dream big too.

Because we are kind, we've put together gift guides to help you nail that perfect present, whether that's something for a newborn in Hello Baby, A Big Gift for a special day, an earth-friendly Go Green item or a special goodie for a Mini Creative or Adventurer. Hope you enjoy 🎁