We know how hard it can be to get swimwear that fits right as adults and it’s no different for our mini mes either. With them, there’s some extra stuff that needs to be taken into consideration too, like making sure their nappy doesn’t leak, ensuring they are warm enough in cold water and protected enough from the sun on the beach. Realising there are a whole host of dilemmas when it comes to choosing swimmers for our little people, we’ve picked out eight common problems and hopefully we’ve got the answer for them. Here goes...

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Some swims schools offer babies (alongside an accompanying adult) lessons from birth, designed to get them used to the water and helping them to develop lifelong swimming skills from day dot. These schools often hire pools and their rules on swimwear are strict, ensuring no whoopsies leak out into the water. As well as a paper nappy or reusable nappy designed for swimming, they also need little ones to wear a good fitting, neoprene swimming pant over the top, providing fail-safe protection and peace of mind for everyone. Orby and Splash About offer flexible and good-fitting swim nappies that are approved by swim schools. The wide cuffs create a seam to skin binding, for mess-free swimming lessons. Orby Swim Nappy is good for birth to 12 months and the Splash About Happy Nappy suits from 3 months to 3 years.


Swimming in the sunshine, either in the pool or at the beach is wonderful for kids, topping up on vitamin D while having a splash about too. Whether they are already pro at their strokes or just like paddling in the shallow waters, you are going to want to make sure they are well protected. As well as smothering them with good quality, high protection sun cream regularly, you can also deflect harmful rays by dressing them in swimwear that has UVA protection. We rate Sunuva and Liewood who design stylish swimwear, made from A-class fabrics, with ultraviolet protection 50+. With modern prints and comfortable styles, you can be assured that you are keeping them safe in the sun. Sunvua swimwear is great for kids aged 3 months - 4 years and Liewood swimwear is perfect for kids who get a lot of pool time from 2 months to 5 years.


If you aren’t a fan of a chilly pool, let’s face it, your baby definitely won’t be. For those public pools that seem to have forgotten to turn the heater on, or outdoor pools that aren’t being heated by the mid-summer sun, then swimwear that provides extra warmth is ideal. The Close Cosy Swimsuit, is essentially a swimsuit, wetsuit and swim nappy all rolled into one and is perfect for keeping them toasty warm. The integrated nappy means you don’t need to add layers which can make them uncomfortable with the wrap at the front which adds that cosiness they need in cold water. The Close Cosy Swimsuit comes in sizes from birth - 12 months.


Your little ones may be in and out of the pool like a yo-yo when you go on holiday, but that doesn’t mean their swimmers should fall prey to chlorine fade, making new swimwear look passed it’s time in no time at all. We love Liewood’s first range of swimwear which has all been innovatively designed with high-quality oeko-tex nylon and spandex that has passed rigorous testing for not losing its colour or shape in chlorinated water. Their swim tees, pants and jumpsuits are the ideal stylish pool or beach basics. Liewood swimwear is perfect for kids who get a lot of pool time from 2 months to 5 years.


Wriggly babies become the slipperiest things in the pool and it can be quite a hard task to keep a good grip on them… not what you want at all! For peace of mind for you and extra comfort for them, we recommend a neoprene swim wrap, which creates a natural non-slip grip for your hands. This one by Splash About comes in fun prints that little ones will love and velcro along the front and each shoulder that you will love, because you won’t have to perform some crazy moves to get it on them. The Splash About wrap is an ideal swimwear choice for little wrigglers from birth to 30 months.


If like us you have kids who spend most of the summer between their sandpit and water sprinkler in the garden, it’s futile sending them out in playwear that can’t handle a soaking. Enter Ki ET LA and their range of swimwear that we are calling ‘The non-swimwear, swimwear.’ Essentially it looks like your day-to-day shorts and tees, with bold colours and patterns that kids adore. Ecologically designed with UV protection, it’s perfect for wearing to the beach without a cover up, or popping on for some water play action at the park. Ki ET LA swimwear is designed for little ones ages 6 months- 5 years


The majority of kids love the pool and then the majority hate the cold, wet, need-to-dry-off-bit afterwards. If the feel of their soggy swimmers gives them the rage and they aren’t willing to do a comical dance to dry them off, then think about investing in new swimwear which dries quickly to save the drama. Made from premium Italian fabric, the Sunuva swim range is designed from polyester and elastane that is proven to be bone dry before you know it. We love their range of exclusive print rash vests and shorts that will have them looking cool and feeling happy in and out of the water too. Sunvua swimwear is great for kids aged 3 months - 4 years.


Before they are potty trained, it’s important to kit them out with a first layer swim nappy that will keep any accidents inside. Keen to avoid paper disposables? The Bambino Mio swim nappy is a reusable option that uses a concealed water resistant layer with leak-proof legs to keep everything where it should be. The lightweight design keeps them comfortable and doesn’t weigh them down, so you can all concentrate on having a great time. The Bambino Mio Swim Nappy is good for up to 34 lbs.

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