Toddlers are a whole load of fun; with endless energy, expanding language and growing imaginations just made for pretend play. By now, they'll be a dab hand at playing and they may already have a few toy box favourites, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gift new items to take advantage of this playful age. Here's a few ideas...

Role Play Accessories

Ever watched a toddler pretend play? Their imaginations are wonderful; using random props as telephones and preparing tasty dinners with whatever fake food they can lay their hands on. Peas on toast for tea then 😜. While they may not be at the stage to come up with elaborate stories, it’s definitely the time to introduce role play accessories, plus they make great gifts too. Winning!

Got a toddler who's a vehicle fanatic? The Sebra Felt Roadway is perfect for practicing their manoeuvring skills and maybe even creating some traffic jams while they are at it - for a touch of reality. Alternatively, pick out some more cars to add to their collection. We have loads of transport toys that are ideal for toddlers who pretend play with their own fleet of special wheels.

Dressing up is another great way to harness role playing skills as well as being great fancy dress options for parties – who knew toddlers had such busy social lives? Meri Meri has a range of props including the Meri Meri Unicorn Dress Up Kit and Wearable Car Ears and Tail, which toddlers can enjoy again and again, as they become more practiced at pretend play.

Making Music

From nursery rhymes, to television jingles, toddlers love music. This is the perfect stage to gift instruments for them to have a go making some of their own tunes. As well as encouraging musicality, instruments also help to further develop a whole range of motor skills, such as finger isolation, hand-eye coordination and wrist dexterity. They’ll just need a whole load of practice before it’s music for your ears as well as theirs 😂.

Small musical toys such as the Sunnylife Watermelon Rattle Drum are a great choice for introducing little hands to music, encouraging them to create a beat while at the same time helping develop hand-eye coordination.

The Janod Tatoo Red Xylo Roller is a sturdy option for heavy handed tots, which also doubles up as a pull-along toy. Its bright colours and stylish design looks grown up, making it a toy they can appreciate more and more.

Finally, the grandest musical instrument going, the Janod Confetti Grand Piano is the perfect size, allowing budding musicians to come up with their own musical interpretations. Perhaps in time, they’ll master a couple of classics too. 🎵

Book Case Additions

Books are a great way for getting toddlers to take five and are an especially useful tool for winding down during the bedtime routine. A new book makes for a great gift, which can be enjoyed again and again, particularly as they mature into pre-schoolers and begin to learn to read themselves.

New sibling on the horizon? The New Baby book is a great one for helping them get to grips with the impending arrival, using a series of fun activities such as doodling and colouring in, to help explain a sibling is en route in a way they can understand.

Around this stage, they begin to learn colours and numbers. Take advantage and encourage their keenness to know more with the Mix it Up book. We love the illustrations and the fact it's all clean crafting.

Looking for the perfect pre-bed story? The So Many Feet book has gorgeous illustrations, that toddlers can get lost in before it’s time to catch some 💤.

Statement Top

Around this age, they may begin to resist certain clothing options, no longer happy for their parents to pick out outfits for them each day. While it’s super cute to see them showing an interest in fashion, it can be a bit of a pain too, especially when they throw a tantrum that they can’t go off to nursery in their favourite character pyjamas... Now's the time to gift some seriously cool statement tops, which no toddler would (hopefully) turn their nose up at

Stylish brand Tobias and The Bear does it right time and time again.

Got a budding fashion designer on your hands? Look no further than the Selfie Clothing Co collection which allows aspiring ateliers to have a go at colouring in their clothes.

And there it is. A gift guide to give you a helping hand. Article hit the spot? Good news. There’s more. We’ve put together gift finders for newborns, babies, pre-schoolers, little gifts and those big gifts too. Enjoy...