Children generally start preschool between the ages of 2 and 3, during which time they develop incredibly quickly. From getting to grips with language, learning how to count, recognising letters and perfecting a whole load of motor skills - they'll be ready to head off to big school before you know it. If you're keen to help them with their early years education at home, we’ve got it covered.


Ok, so no-one expects a Countdown genius at preschool stage, but helping them with their numbers early means they won’t feel so challenged when they encounter proper maths lessons. The Liewood Amy Abacus is ideal for their developing numeracy skills, and comes in cool pastel shades, so it looks beaut on their shelf when it isn't being used. It's the kind of thing that they'll revisit again and again, as their counting skills grow.

Liewood Amy Abacus

Liewood Amy Abacus.


Before they're able to start reading, they need to figure out the alphabet, so the Touch Think Learn: ABC book is the perfect title to get them learning without them even realising it. A tactile design that teaches through touch and sight, with pages featuring bold colours and lasercut letters that their eyes and fingers will love to explore.

Touch Think Learn books

Touch Think Learn books


If they’re more of a visual kind of kid, then the The Jam Tart Animal Colours Flash Cards are great for encouraging colour recognition. The set includes 20 brilliantly-bold, double-sided cards, each with an animal and supporting text, such as 'Red Robin'. As they hit reception age, you can encourage their colour skills further by introducing the more nuanced tones like khaki and magenta. It's a set that supports long lasting learning - just what we like about it.

Animal Colours Flash Cardst

Animal Colours Flash Cards


Shapes and colours are a big deal at preschool, so give them a head start with the Classic World Geometric Puzzle. Featuring nine different shapes, with shapes within those as well, it’ll help them hone their fine-motor and sorting skills as they match up the colours. Double duty!

girl playing with Classic World Geometric Puzzle

Classic World Geometric Puzzle


While they don't need to take their own stationery to school yet, it's great to have a set to call their own at home. And for all of those pens, pencils and other crafty bits and bobs, they'll need a pencil case to stash them in. We rate the Engel designs, all innovatively made from recycled plastic bottles. Sustainable stationery at its finest.


Around the preschool age, it's great to set up a quiet zone at home where they can get busy with arts and crafts, small-piece play or figuring out puzzles or games. The Plan Toys Table and Chair's bent wood edges and cylindrical frame will look good in any room and the big compartments mean you can hide away lots of clutter too. Plus, the chalk board table top is perfect for unstoppable scribblers. (And keeps them off the walls!)

Plan Toys Table and Chair

Plan Toys Table and Chair


The majority of time at preschool is spent playing, which is no surprise since they pick up and learn lifelong skills through amusing themselves. From pretend play to craft to open-ended play, we have a variety of goodies that will have them building knowledge while they have fun. We've a particular soft spot for the Wee Gallery Baby Animal Lacing Cards which encourage their tactile skills, concentration and coordination as they pull the needle through the holes. They can be unlaced and redone in a different pattern as many times as they like.

Wee Gallery Baby Animal Lacing Cards

Wee Gallery Baby Animal Lacing Cards

They say education is a lifelong journey and they'll certainly be taking their first steps more confidently with any of the above picks. If you'd like more help or inspo, why not check out our Learning Toys or hop onto a live-chat - we'll be more than happy to help.