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About us

Going Green

Taking responsibility.

As a retailer who sells over 200 brands from around the world, manufactures our own products and ships hundreds of boxes and bags to you every day, we are aware that, just by running our business, we have an impact on the environment.

We're continually working to reduce this impact so we thought we'd create and update this page to keep you up to speed on our progress.

Eco brands we love.

We've always been focused on unearthing innovative, conscious brands wherever we can. Here are some of the stand-out brands we sell and why we love them:

Plan Toys use only wood from retired rubber trees to create sustainable toys that aid children's development. Stylish and simple, they look good in your home too.

Pura are experts in plastic-free drinking, making stylish stainless steel bottles that you can use from day one. With genius interchangeable tops, you can keep them for life.

Veja create stylish and sustainable kids shoes using only recycled and fairtrade materials. Every part of Veja's production is considerate to the environment.

Engel make things for kids that look good and do good. We love their use of recycled materials, like bowls made of bamboo and backpacks made from juice bottles!

Our packaging.

Whilst our hunt for sustainable products never stops, we also look inwards and are making some exciting steps in a greener direction.

For example, we've recently been on a mission to eliminate plastic from our packaging and we've made some great swaps. Here's what we've done so far...

  • We have three new box sizes, meaning less ‘space waste'
  • All of our box infill is now biodegradable
  • Our plastic parcel strapping has been replaced with recyclable paper tape
  • All KIDLY Label garment bags are now biodegradable
  • Our document wallets are now biodegradable
  • We switched all sizes of our shipping bags from plastic to recyclable paper
The packaging we use at KIDLY: cardboard box, 'Hello Baby' card, paper strapping tape, paper shipping bags and air-filled box infill

Doing your bit.

To make these changes count, more of our packaging needs to end up in the right place. Here's a handy breakdown of how best to take care of it, once you've decided your order's a hit.

Recyclable symbol 100% recyclable Pop in the recycling All cardboard boxes Recycled cardboard painted with water-based paints
'Hello Baby' cards 100% recycled card
Paper strapping tape Paper with natural rubber resin
Shipping bags Natural kraft paper
Biodegradable symbol Biodegradable at landfill Pop in the bin Opus Bio box in-fill High density polyethylene (HDPE)
KIDLY Label garment bags Poly lactic acid and Poly butylene adipate-co-terephthalate (PLA/PBAT blend)
Document wallets Oxo-degradable polypropylene (PP)
Waste symbol Not recyclable yet Pop in the bin Delivery note Coated paper

Not ready to part with your box? Check out what some of our fab customers have made from their KIDLY boxes...

  • Build an airplane with boxes and a bit of cellotape
  • A lion mask made out of the orange KIDLY box and yellow tissue paper
  • Use a couple of big boxes to make a playhouse complete with door and windows
  • Fill a small box with furniture to make an orange doll's house
  • Reuse the box as a gift box by turning it inside out and decorating it with an ink stamp
  • Cut the boxes into triangles to make an igloo

Reducing waste.

We hate waste and do everything we can to limit the amount we create. Stacks of samples and products pass through KIDLY HQ on a daily basis, anything that doesn't make it onto our shelves is always donated to local charities and hospitals, or is up for grabs at one of our sample sales. We keep hold of a small selection of stock for charity requests, contact us if you'd like to find out more.